Follow Up: Milky Foot vs Baby Foot


It’s been over two weeks now since my evil assistant and I shed our foot skin away with the help of Milky Foot and Baby Foot, so I thought we’d give an update on how our feet are now, our thoughts on both products and if one has worked better than the other.

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Review: Milky Foot vs Baby Foot Part 2

I’m sorry I made this into a two-parter, I didn’t want to make you wait any longer for a new post so I decided two posts were best!


Last time I gave the run-down on what ingredients were in both the Milky Foot and Baby Foot, as well as some prep hints and my fugly feet wrapped up in the plastic socks. Now, a few days have passed and you can see the.. how can I describe it? Thinly-shredded parmesan? That works.

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