Q. Why Aren’t There Any Photos of You??

To put it simply, I do acting and a few other public works, so I like to keep any opinions and things that might affect those projects separate for the mean time. Who knows, I might show you my mug in the near future!
Q. What Do You Review?

I review basically anything, especially if it’s things that I’m interested in like film and TV, beauty products, cameras, Chris Hemsworth’s biceps, etc…


Q. Are There Any Makeup Brands You Wouldn’t Work With/Review?

There are.. however, I don’t feel comfortable outright naming brands for the main reason that some have been known to use bullying tactics with customers who express their views about said brand’s products.
That being said, myself and/or my handy-dandy evil assistant will review anything sent to us and give to-be customers an honest and detailed review. We’re classy like that.



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