Common Beauty Misconceptions Part 2


Hey guys, what a crazy week it’s been around here!

I wanted to do another¬†instalment of beauty misconceptions since it’s been a while and heaven knows there’s some bad info being touted as fact or a liiiiittle off the mark.

Let’s dive in!

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Happy New Year!

jj kiss pet wine

Hey guys!

Before we come back in 2018, I just wanted a big thank you for reading my big, for liking, posting, everything. I started this blog with no big goals for it other than sharing info and opinions no one asked for, in a way that wasn’t really being done before, so the fact that you come here and check it out is just unbelievable to me and I thank you so, so much.

I hope you had a great holiday and chill out, and here’s to 2018!

– Elle & The Evil Assistant


Hello every single one of you cool people!

We just wanted to let you know we’ve been away after having two family emergencies happen in the past week, then another issue coming up yesterday, but I’m writing now and hoping to have something up for the weekend.

Stay safe out there

Elle X

Review: TK MAXX Oval Brushes


As you’ve been surfing your social media, specifically Instagram, you might have come across makeup videos featuring new looking brushes usually dubbed “oval brushes”. They’re very popular and brands are racing to make their own version, similarly to happened with the Beauty Blender.

After seeing a billion videos of these oval brushes being used and producing beautiful, flawless results, I was really curious and wanted a try some as well. I don’t need to tell you that getting anything brand new in Australia is annoying; there are some local brands that are starting to bring them out but they either sell out so fast or burn your pocket out quick-fast. Nude By Nature had brought out a set exclusively through Priceline and I sadly missed out on those. I was kicking myself.

Then on a trip to TK Maxx, I found this set of five oval brushes from an in-house brand and took them home to try…

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