Announcement, One Last Time

Hey everyone,

After looking at the results and taking a step back from the site and looking at everything happening in my personal life, I’ve decided to shut down She Does Stuff. It’s been really great to share everything with all of you, however there are other things I want to do that I don’t have the time to put into the site and the expenses started becoming a major factor, however just the time put in was overshadowing a lot of my time.

I want to thank you all so much for coming to the site and our socials, I just started this because I had a bit of knowledge and a lot of opinions and needed somewhere to put it all down, and I’m still surprised how many people visited and enjoyed what we did. I can’t thank you enough.
However, it’s time to move on now! The site will be up a bit longer as we transfer some things, and while we will be closing some social media pages, you can still find us on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Again thank you all so much, take care of yourselves and each other sorry I still have that Jerry Springer signoff in my head after all these years

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone, we thought we would have enough time to post once more before we’re gone for December break, however there won’t be any time.

With that said, a decision will be made about the site and the end of the month about what capacity we’ll keep it in, so it’s really important you go to take the 30-second survey we have above [or right here] to see if we will keep things the same, change to solely social media, or close it completely.

Thanks for taking the time out to read and complete the survey. We hope you all stay safe, social distance, be kind to the essential workers around you and have a great month!


As a lot of our readers will know, at the start of the year I said we were going to take this year to see the direction we were going to go with the blog in the future, so I thought it was a good time while I tend to other personal business that I should make a feedback survey.

It’s only 8 questions and isn’t for gather your data or personal info except an optional question on your age, so if you could take a minute out to take it it will help the blog a lot!


Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below:

Beauty Misconceptions part 3

Welcome to a post that is the antithesis of Facebook misinformation!
I didn’t realise how much time has flown since our last misconceptions post, which means by the next time I do one of these I’ll probably be begging people to stop using highlighters as eyeliner or some shit…

or refrain from using lipbalm on your butthole or something…

Let’s go!

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Dangerous Beauty! Part 2


Aaaand we’re back with another Dangerous Beauty post, showing you worldwide examples from yesterday and today. Trust me when I say I have a good-sized list written down with products.

Today it’s all about the complex, the gross and the heart-stopping.

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Hey lads and laddy non-lads!

The post that was going up today wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be so next post will be up after the weekend after I’ve reworked it or completely abandon it for now to do something else because perfectionism is deeply rooted in my psyche and I will never escape it.

Sorry about that, lads, but something will be up soon! Skate mean live clean.


and for no reason, here is a good SNL skit