So, you want to know about me?

Well let’s start with the simple stuff. My name is L, or Elle, a fun little pseudonym I like to go by. A few years ago I started a series of blogs along with a few of my internet friends that were collectively known as Artista Collectivum, or The Artist Collective. The blog focused on our main passions; art and photography, travel, beauty and music.

After a few years of coordinating The Artist Collective, I wanted to downsize and try to have a main blog that not only focused on all the things the previous blogs were about, but also put my own little flavour (read: kookiness and sometimes grumpiness) all in one place!

I hope I can entertain you and give you some hints and tips along the way. Please have a look around and stay a while as I rock back and forth to regain some sanity.


Some Little Things

1. I act! I talk about acting and my little journey a little bit on here from time-to-time.

2. I don’t know my real hair colour exactly.

3. I can’t wear heels!

4. Travelling is one of my favourites things and I started travelling overseas at 19.

5. I loved dinosaurs as a kid – aaand still do.

6. I don’t drink coffee! I don’t like the taste at all, but I love my teas.

7. I’m incredibly Marvel obsessed.

8. On a related note, I do love my Funko Pop Vinyl dolls!

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