Places I Want to Go to For Halloween Part 2

It’s been a year since our first Halloween travel post and I feel like I’ve been looking more at New England fall and winter photos than usual. Is it because there’s a pandemic and going up to the shops feels like a weekend getaway? Yeah, yeah I think so.

Unlike last time which was places solely in the USA, we’re going more global with this one and looking at what would be some cool places to go to for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, we all hope you stay safe and decide to have a good one at home. We’ll actually be away for two weeks to get some personal stuff attended to before Christmas.. oh god that’s coming soon too…


Espai Xavier Corberó, Barcelona, Spain

In memory of Xavier Corberó, the Espai Xavier Corberó is a house museum consisting of nine connected buildings, mulitple courtyards and archways that celebrate the sculptures life.
The sculptures are majestic and sometimes imposing, like the amazing tower above, but all have this uniqueness to them.
Why I would want to be here for Halloween is not only is it aesthetically nice, but some of the sculptures and architecture have have some an eerie and unnerving presence that you might not see at first glance. I beg you to look at some of the photos from the sprawling museum and not tell me you wouldn’t want to be here on Halloween.

Chiesa del Purgatorio, Matera Italy

The entrance depicting noble and clergymen, with the four common men underneath.

With it’s baroque architecture, skull and skeleton motifs mixed with angels, the facade of the Church of Purgatory to the unknown person might seem either very morbid or very metal.
However like all purgatory churches around the world, this one in Matera is a place where people can come to pray for the souls trapped in Purgatory so they can ascend to Heaven. It’s this and the beautiful art and mix of real skeletons and skulls that mixes the living with the dead, as well as the selfless act of pray for souls in limbo that make it a place I would love to visit.

Bran Castle, Bran Romania

It might seen typical and such a touristy thing to do, but .. I mean you are in Romania, which appears to be gorgeous country with lots of forest and woodlands, you might as well take in a castle, so what about the castle, Bran Castle in.. well, Bran?
Near Brașov, on the border of Transylvania and Wallachia, Bran Castle – aka Dracula’s Castle – sits amongst the sprawling hills and lush woods and houses the art and furniture of Queen Marie, with 360 views, weapons and armor, a courtyard and even a tea house!
Even though there’s a myth associated with Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes living there and Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula’s Castle, it isn’t actually either, although both Vlad’s home and the Stoker’s hilltop inspiration are not too far away.
Nonetheless, the Bran Castle still attracts tourists and, yes, me. How could you turn down such a beautiful castle with so much genuine history?

Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston MA

Photo by Michael Kleen.

Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighbourhood has the most diverse, beautiful landscape it’s like it’s own town. When I say diverse, I mean you have lush greenery, mausoleums, grand and minimal headstones – some heartbreaking and some artistic, one is actually a giant xylophone(!), a botanical garden as well as a sculpture garden including a little ledge of cement homes, seating overlooking the pond. Honestly, if you didn’t know it was a cemetery, you’d think I just talked about a nice, tranquil park, which I think was the idea; making a peaceful cemetery that also brought the living into a place that feels normal to come to while still respecting the dead.

Apokries (Greek Halloween/Carnival) in Athens

Would you believe it, other countries celebrate this turn of season! However this turn of season is different as it’s before Greek Orthodox Lent (aka Shrovetide), for usually three weeks, but in some areas go for a month before Lent.
Like a mix of Carnival, Mardi Gras and US Halloween, costumes – especially of the Greek deities, tricks and street celebrations with lots of food and drink are showcased that would make Dionysus proud.

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