The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

It might sound weird, but I really enjoy seeing celebrities embracing a good costume. Whether for Halloween, San Diego Comic Con, or any other celebration, I enjoy seeing the detailed and ingenuity of elaborate costumes, or the more amusingly simpler ones (you’ll see what I mean below).

So I thought it’d be fun to look at some of my favourites over the years and maybe you’ll play dress-up while we’re all just home having our own little one-on-one celebrations (or like me, you just look at pictures).

Starting off with one of my fav of favourites, Rihanna went to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party in 2014 as Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with the rest of her crew donning the other costumes, even going all the way and donning the green makeup.
Kinda want to see her made up as She-Hulk now….

Speaking of Heidi Klum…

Heidi Klum is known for her detailed and completely unexpected (and at one time, controversial) costumes but I loved how in 2004 her and her former husband, Seal, went as Eve and the Forbidden Fruit.
But my absolute favourite of hers was her skinned cadaver. Mmmmm, tasty!

Everyone’s seen (and loves) The Rock/Dwayne Johnson’s Hulk costume, but I love his Popeye, with perfect facial expressions and anchor tattoo.

I feel like Zoë Kravitz just doesn’t need to try being cool, she’s just always cool. Case in point, when she dressed up as Marla from Fight Club. I feel like if I tried it would take me two hours to look like a greaseball that in no way resembles the character.

I know I’ve 😍😍😍 over this before, but .. *sigh* I love Lupita Nyong’o’s absolutely perfect, bang-on-the-money recreation of Dionne from Clueless. You might not even notice, but she even put contacts in to match Stacy Dash’s eyes.

Bruce Willis said to be cute and channel the Grady twins from The Shining with your bro, Stephen J. Eads. Be cute forever and ever, and ever

I feel like Gabrielle Union busting out the Clovers uniform from Bring It On is for all the people my age. And seeing as she hasn’t aged a day, she’s making me feel old, but I’m loving the look with her daughter, Kaavia!

I know some amazing recreations have been done of Selena and her iconic jumpsuit but I think Demi Lovato’s Halloween getup from 2017 has a bit of a titty-twist but still looks amazing – it even got Selena’s sister, Suzette’s approval.

You might have seen the gif form of the great SNL sketch for Mom Jeans (honestly, it’s such a good sketch) but the ladies of US TODAY dressed as the Moms for a show in 2014. Honestly it’s a brilliant idea; easily recognisable as mums (even if you don’t know about the sketch) and every op shop has a dozen mum jeans from 1993.

Charlie Cox (usually Daredevil) as Loki, and Tom Hiddleston (usually Loki) as Daredevil. Need I say more?

Talk about going the whole hog. Rita Ora not only got Post Malone’s hair, facial hair, clothes and jewellery right, but she even got his face, neck and arm tatts (with black nail polish) down perfectly.
Even The Hollywood Reporter mixed up the “Posts”.

Not necessarily for a Halloween event but Lady Gaga was going to dinner and went full iconic mode and stepped out of her car with a good ole white sheet. This is possibly my favourite picture in this post.

Okay so I saw this photo a few days ago when researching and I was like “hey, that’s a really good Jack Joker, especially the cheeks and mouth” – then I read the caption and saw that it’s actually The-Bloody-Weeknd.
He damn good does he look?

Last but absolutely not least, it’s Bryan Cranston at any event he can dress up for. There’s his famous Comic Con cosplay of his own character, the red Power Ranger on Stephen Colbert’s show, with Aaron Paul as each other’s characters, then as another Breaking Bad character, Skylar White, and I’m sure so many more I’m missing, but Bryan Cranston is a god already and my favourite person to see dress up.

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