Halloween Time! Games You Wouldn’t Want To Be Stuck In

We made it to another Halloween!!!!

There’s definitely more fun in posting Halloween content, and we’re kicking off this year’s Halloween month with some fun games… okay some aren’t exactly fun as they are nightmare simulators but nevertheless, tick the box of making you pee a little bit.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of people on Twitch playing Among Us, and it’s got me thinking about what video game worlds would be awful to be stuck in, so here are some from an endless list!

You might see some obvious ones missing from the list but that’s because they’re appearing in another post and I didn’t want to repeat any!

We Happy Few

In a groovy, happy place like an alternative 1960s, what isn’t there to love. Well just don’t take your Joy and you’ll see things for what they truly are, no matter if you play as Arthur, Sally or Ollie.
We Happy Few’s world is a beautiful facade where you really have to survive, plan and adapt in a world where disobedience and non-conformity isn’t tolerated, and any hesitation to the contrary makes you go.. bye-bye.

Layers of Fear

You step into a home. It’s your home. You don’t know who you are or what is going on, and in order to find out, you have to explore you’re stupidly big, unnerving home.
Layers of Fear has mystery, aesthetically pleasing and freaky visuals, with well-timed jump-scares that made me almost piss my pants.


A post-soviet Republic [read: cold] town where you have to avoid the infected and make sure you don’t die from them, the cold (did I say “pre-Soviet Republic), sickness or the up to 60 other players that might try to kill you). Nothing about that screams good, great or even okay.


If a dystopian cyberpunk-y world set in the not-so-distant future of 2021 2084 isn’t scary enough. Look deeper than the the constant screens, neon lights and augmentations. While it might not seem like your conventional horror medium, Observer is surprisingly unnerving in world-building, a splash of uncanny valley, strong atmosphere and compelling visuals that take you into people’s heads; people who might not be all that… okay. This is when you start freaking out.

The world of Observer is terrifyingly realistic allegory with themes of “altruistic” megacorporations, classism and societal divides that aren’t far off in the distance… and yes I used a big word there.


Imagine being in 1918’s London. Scary, I know. Now imagine you’re stuck in 1918’s London; you cannot escape, there’s a pandemic (hmmmm) but to really cinch it, there’s vampires running around. With limited resources, sickness, monsters lurking everywhere and no where to run to, it’s a good thing we can’t relate to any of that right now!
Oh, if you’re a brand-new vampire like the main character, Dr. Jonathan Reid, the new world that’s trying to kill you too ain’t looking that sweet.

Pathologic 1 & 2

Weird structures, bizarre characters – some with wild designs – the town you swear you might have been to before… it’s creepy and at best, unnerving and depressing. Here, the rules are constantly changing, the choices you make are important and everything is against you.
I don’t want to spoil it but, like Vampyr, the consequences of what you do have a domino effect and there’s sick people. There might be a theme there…

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