Fandome Got Me Hard for All Things DC in 2021

I haven’t made it a secret that I’m a huge Marvel fan on this blog or on social media. I have my favourite Avengers, way too many toys and things, but I’m actually a big DC fan too. And boy, DC fans are eating good next year.

I have never been pro or anti either one, one might do something better than the other while both carrying different tones and elements, but I have to freak out over the DC Fandome showcase we were given and what I’m looking forward to in 2021, DC’s year.

The Sandman

The Audible release for The Sandman debuted recently and with the Netflix adaptation in production (currently postponed because of COVID) Neil Gaiman gave an update and said while shooting is postponed he’s utilising the time to work some more on the script, which makes me really happy that he’s continuing to work on it. He also said it will take place in the present day, which I’m not as excited on but am very curious. Can’t wait until we get a trailer!

Wonder Woman 1984

This reminds me of Birds of Prey with it’s bright, colourful visuals so I’m really excited to see that and Chris Pine back!!
I’m not sure about Cheetah as a villain, I’m just not feeling that, but I’m curious to see!

The Batman miniseries

We might finally get a POC Batman! Even moreso the fact that the focus is going to be on Lucius Fox and his family, so I’m excited about both prospects. Writer John Ridley is really going for it and seeing as he’s great at his craft, we could get a new side of Batman and the people around him.

Speaking of new Batman takes –



This was a teaser trailer. We were given so much, we don’t need a feature trailer, I actually don’t want one. I love the mystery and all the mystery-activated tingles I get. I want this movie right now. I wanted it yesterday. I didn’t know how much I need it, how much I’ve wanted a new Batman, a reckless, inexperienced Batman going through some hardcore growing pains and trying to find his way.

A Batman with fucking eyeliner smudge.

This trailer is art. It’s a cinematography-lovers wet dream. The casting is stupendous. When Robert Pattinson was announced I wasn’t offended; I was curious, I knew there was a reason and it’s already evident how much of a good choice that was. Zöe Kravitz as Catwoman? Yes. Paul Dano as The Riddler? If you’ve seen him in Prisoners, you already know this is a Yes. Jeffrey Wright as Gordon? Yes. Colin Farrell as Cobblepot/ Penguin? Yes.
On that note, the makeup of Penguin? Incredible. Usually when a lot of prosthetics are used I can see it so easily that it’s distracting and takes me out of the story, but holy shit, this looks so realistic.

Look at that! That’s a real person! No wonder no one figured it was Colin Farrell in reaction videos. The only reason I knew it was Colin was because he had his own individual shots and by the end, he hadn’t been seen or heard. I even questioned myself afterwards wondering if maybe I was just being silly and that totally couldn’t be Colin Farrell right…. right??

The costumes, set design, tone, colouring, the soundtrack (didn’t think Something In The Way could get any more haunting), everything about this is top-tier, grade A, owns my soul and excitement, I cannot wait to see this movie the second I can here in Australia.

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