We’re Moving! Here Are Some Tips



I’m diverting from what I was going to post as moving is constantly on my mind so I might as well talk about that!
Yes, we’re moving and in a pandemic! It’s fun. It’s really, really fun. Thankfully we have places lined up to go but we still have a whole house of stuff to downsize then move to multiple places.

So this is how it’s being done.



Like I said, all this moving has been happening amidst the pandemic, which if it was solely up to me would have been postponed, but seeing as we don’t know when it’s going to end, lease renewal coming up and other personal factors coming into play, it had to happen this year.
Thankfully where we live is in the process of ‘opening up’ from the pandemic with no new cases and active cases contained/isolated so – on my end at least – I don’t have to worry about the travel component.



1. Make A Packing Plan That Includes Pile System
Spring into action as soon as you know you’re moving (if it’s under 2-3 months) or at the 8-12 week out timeline)



I know I need/ed distinct piles:

  • Donated – anything in good working order I can donate
  • Chucked – anything I don’t need or want that isn’t good for donation
  • Returned – anything I’ve borrowed from others that has to be returned
  • To be kept – and coming with me to the new place
  • To be kept – and going into storage


The most difficult will be the last two because even though I know where I’m going it’s too far for me to visually see if I have enough room and the storage unit will be where I currently am, so I can’t just go easily between the two.

Also, storage units are EX. PEN. SIVE. So only the things I really treasure that I want to keep for the future that just doesn’t have a place for where I’ll be going will be going in (I’m talking to my couch).

So figuring out what I want to keep but what I’ll also need for a few months until I can come back to the unit, then how big my unit needs to be for my leftover stuff is…. ha, stressful.

I’m getting off-track though.
I’ve got my piling system, now I have to get a plan in place and the first, easiest things to go through are first, and that’s decor items.



Pictures, posters, vases, secondary clocks, candles, figurines, statues, books, DVDs, toys, paperweights, crystals, etc.



Gather all decor items into one singular area – if that can’t be done gather them up in each room and sort out. You’ll be surprised how many duplicates and random stupid things you’ll find.

If you think that all the blank walls will drive you mad, leave some pictures on the walls but ideally any bigger-framed items should be down and sorted.

After this is done it made me feel so much better because I could see I’m making progress.


[DON’T get too excited about decorating your new home until your outstanding bills, bonds, and cleaning fees at the old home are settled. It might make you feel better but it will be fleeting and most likely a waste of money.]




This is going to be an important place as you’ll be moving items that will need to go into the car/transported to donation bins, to the tip as well as big items ready for storage units like I’ll have. Like inside the house, any ‘decor’ or least, used items like sporting goods that aren’t part of your weekly routine, car products, tools, etc., can be sorted and space can be made.



Junk rooms, studies, cleaning closets, attics, secondary closets.

clue_the STUDY


If you’ve already gone through decor in each area, you should have some things gone from these places as well. After these spaces are sorted they can be cleaned and used to pile boxes or smaller pieces of furniture. I know as I’ve started culling, I noticed pieces of furniture and storage systems empty out and made a list of what you have and what I want to do with it and moved them to the garage if not currently used.

The only items that should be left in these areas are cleaning supplies, extra blankets and towels (don’t throw them out just yet as they’ll be helpful for covering and moving items), and anything you use regularly.




Clothes, shoes, bags, makeup or personal items, etc.



At this point, it’s a good time to look at the bedrooms and start going through clothes. I pulled out every single item I had – including space-saver bags I had in different closets – and went through them all. It fricken suuuuuucked, but I felt so much better after doing it.


At this point, you should be getting boxes and boy, oh boy, in a pandemic this is the hardest thing to get for free, so buying boxes was the only way. The idea is to get regular cardboard boxes for my travelling items and more durable plastic boxes to be stored in the unit. I suggest searching where you’ll get the best boxes you’d need and the best way to package them up.


Depending on how far out from moving you are at this point is when you gauge the Big Boss… the kitchen.




KITCHEN (leave as the last area)
Extra crockery, extra cutlery, extra plates, containers, cooking trays and pans,etc.



Ideally, as you start packing stuff up you should be looking at the food you have and start eating it up.
Once you start eating through what you have, you should eye appliances you probably won’t use as you pack up, again culling or storing as you go. What you should be left with is enough cutlery, plates, cups and cooking items to continue cooking for the last little while you’re there.

I leave this as the last area because it’s the most regularly used until the last few nights. Personally, I start going through the kitchen about two weeks out (if you have a big kitchen with loads of stuff, then you might do it sooner).


At the end of this crappy part of the sorting and discarding, you should have a rough idea of what you got. If you aren’t too stressed and have the time, it’s fine to re-look at what you’re keeping, or if you have a “not sure” pile, to go through that. Aside from physically moving your stuff and finding a place to live, this is the crappiest thing to do.


But for now, I’m still in the process of figuring a full house of stuff out without a car or additional help so I like to think the sanity I still have is a treasure!


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