We Tried Making Three Drinks


Hey, drink responsibly! We’re all more isolated which can make alcohol seem like a fun thing to do, just be cautious. Look I know it might sound condescending or like I’m your mother but if you have any problems or even if this post seems too seducing for you, I suggest going here.


I wanted to take a breather from beauty stuff and seeing as we have terrible weather for photography for food (like my food photography is great on here anyway) I thought let’s make some drinks.
So the search was on for some drinks that 1- we like and 2- don’t have many ingredients, since this isn’t a boozy place and I don’t want numerous bottles collecting dust.
Then I remembered that a few weeks ago in my recommended on YouTube, we watched this Epicurious video on how to mix every cocktail and two things emerged while watching it-

  1. The Evil Assistant hasn’t had many cocktails, if any.
  2. Even though it isn’t a cocktail, I really wanted a mimosa. It was 10pm at night.




Aside from a part of me being a 45-year-old mimosa-drinking mother who is ready for the gals to come over for 9am chat sesh, and with that in mind today, I’ve looked around for some easy recipes and found three; mimosa, strawberry champagne and the last one was going to be a drink I’ve been wanting to try again for a long time, but lack of blue curacao happened so it’s now going to be some elderflower concoction… you’ll see below.






A mimosa is stupidly simple. Orange juice (the fresher the best) and cold champagne. I’ve seen some recipes have orange liqueur like triple sec which would come in handy if your oranges are weak in taste.

Now I love cold drinks. Cold. So will be putting orange juice in the freezer for a bit just to get it almost to slushy consistency. Also you would be right in thinking I’m not juicing fresh oranges because I don’t have the time or effort for that, but I will spurge and get orange juice that isn’t two bucks.
Optionally for some added bubbles, add some lemonade, I actually like it to break the champagne flavour down or if the champs is too dry.



Strawberry Champagne


Oh man I love strawberries. Champagne? Not so much. I know, pretty rich seeing as I was saying I wanted mimosas then actually posted about mimosas, but I think it’s because it’s a bubbly drink that can be a good base for other flavours.
I found this tasty-looking recipe on ElleTalk (I swear it’s not me!) that has fresh strawberries, champagne then sugar and water to make a syrup.
I won’t be using fresh strawberries but I already have frozen strawberries because I was actually going to make coulis.

To make the syrup it says to place strawberries and water in a pot and start with a boil then simmer for around 10-15 minutes.


Now the colour is supposed to be gone from the berries and it’s time to strain through a sieve and – woopwhoop  – sugar time. Placing the mix back into a pot with the sugar and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Then it’s time to leave it to cool to room temp.


After pouring 2 tablespoons into the bottle of the glass and pouring champagne.



Bloodshot Mimosa that I think I invented idk I’m quite tipsy now



I was originally going to do a Fruit Tingle, which I loved the first time I tried it, but like I said earlier, it seemed like I couldn’t find any of the alcohol for it, so I thought I’d keep with the brut champagney theme we have going on and make something different, a Bloodshot mimosa.

Do I know if it exists? No, but we’re calling it this.


All you need is orange juice and cream, cream, champasnge and grenadine.
First, you stir the orange juice and cream together before adding the champagne then a little grenadine drizzled in, making what looks like a bloodshot eye. I was going to call it “Pinkeye” but idk if people want walk up to another person and go “I want the Pinkeye!”
And there you go, three simple drinks all made with a bottle that can slowly turn into a glass of Frankenstein. Hell I even had a glass of elderflower syrup with champers and it tasted amazing.
Another one I made was this amazingly beautiful one of orange juice, champers and a dash of grenadine at the end, only I didn’t invent this one, it’s called a .. shit what is it


Anyway thank you for turning in, I’ve been me and thank you and bye!

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