Bat Outta Meatloaf



Imagine it… sirens are screaming and the fires are howling way down in the valley tonight, there’s a girl in the shadows with a coffin-shaped meatloaf covered in bacon…

That girl is me.

Let’s make a meatloaf.




Meatloaf is so easy to make, even I can’t screw it up! Any of the ingredients can be swapped out if you really want to do something different, but as long as you have a meat with a bit of fat in it, seasoning and something with a bit of sugar to caramelise, you’re all good.

Oh, and did I mention that our coffined meal is going to be wrapped in bacon?




This recipe uses the following ingredients:

Pork mince, 500g
Beef mince, 500g
BBQ sauce
Hamburger seasoning
Breadcrumbs or Panko
Worcestershire sauce
Garlic, minced
Carrot, grated
Dash of salt
Bacon, streaky preferred


Ketchup (for the sugar to make the caramelised top)
Honey (thanks, Alton!)
Cumin powder
Worcestershire sauce

This is going to be used as a saucy glue in between the meatloaf and bacon. In hindsight I wish I made more than I did so make more than you think because you can continue layering or use it for something else!


Of course, don’t be worried if you don’t have a coffin mould or some other Halloweeny themed tray- a coffin shape is really easy to make just with your hands. If you have a loaf tin, continue to pack the mince in like you would normally do for a meatloaf, turn it over to tap out the log you just created and just smoosh the sides.
If you don’t have any sort of tin, you can just mould it into shape and use a tray to flatten the top and straighten the sides.





Preheated to 180C, we’re going for a ‘low and slow’ cook for about an hour for 1kg of meat.
Combine everything together and aim for a mix that is wet enough that it holds shape but not too wet, if you get what I’m saying. Vague, I know.
Try not to squeeze or press the uncooked meat when working everything in as it’ll toughen the beef.




Put in coffin/pan and bake for 20 to hold a shape then take out to cook 30. Leaving it in the pan just steams the meat and I want some browning and crispness on the outside. Layer bacon on at the end, near 50-55 minute mark. It really doesn’t need long.

Rest your meat! 10 minute rest will make sure the juices go back into the meat and not dry it out.


And you’re done! You can add bats and a handy skeleton to really drive home how much of a dork you are. Also do you love the little bats and our lanterns? They were made by Fi and we love them so much- thanks, Fifi!!

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