DIY Drawer Dividers!


While I was working on another post I was getting ready to clean up my vanity. I actually wanted to go to my local IKEA and grab some drawer dividers, but it’s kind of hard to get to by myself, so I decided to try my luck at making some.

At first, I was going to use cereal boxes but I realised quickly they would be too flimsy and thin. I did have a cardboard box I was going to use, but the box had been used for moving and I felt dirty every time I touched it.
However, I was looking at some of my photography equipment and I saw a white foam board, one you can find at Kmart or dollar stores. It had a dent in it and was marked a bit, which is why I didn’t use it any longer.

I decided a little after starting to cut out the pieces that I should actually put it up on here in case any of you want to make your own!

Okay what you’ll need is-

  • Your drawers, obviously
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Box cutter/x-acto knife, anything along those lines (if you don’t have one you can use opened-up scissors, but please be careful)
  • Placemat or any gripped surface to cut on that won’t slide around or damage the table you’re going to do this on




Before you start cutting, figure out how many sections and how big you want them. I know I wanted to store my long-handled makeup brushes in one drawer so I measured the first drawer to have 5 sections, with the long section at the front.

The second I wanted as a 9-sectioned drawer, even in space.




Measured out the width first, then made four so I had two for each drawer.



So the first thing you’re going to do is take your drawers, measure up the length, width and depth. It’s easier to get the measurements in centimetres and just round it up to the nearest 5 – better to cut down to fit than having cut too much off. This was easy for the 9-section but I had to remember to make the 5 section one different, so I measured from the back of the drawer up to the back of the first divider.

Now that measuring is over, cut out your panel. Depending how many sections you want, you’ll cut out a few with this panel’s same measurements. For example, I cut out the length of a panel first, so I traced four more out (two for each of my drawers)… I mean, I would have done it like this if I was thinking, instead of measuring up each piece like a fucking idiot. Nevertheless, there are your four panels, now do the same for the width.

Also, don’t use scissors to cut out the panels because it starts breaking the hard shell of the foam board.



If you don’t want to write where each panel goes, just stack them how they should go once inside.




Length panels in first, putting them in place before I make the cutouts connect.


Now it’s going to get annoying because you’re going to make the little cutouts that will slide into each other and connect. Place a panel over the ones already inserted and mark out the thickness until you have marks on panels around inside and the ones about to slot in. Repeat until every panel has a mark.




Make marks on the panels already fitted in and the ones about to be slotted in.



Don’t be surprised if you’re slicing little bits off at a time and trying to figure out how long to make these cutouts. It’s tedious, but you’re almost done.

After some hacking and pushing, they should all connect how you like them! Of course, yours might turn out nicer and less hack-job than mine because I just wanted it to get done and no one’s going to see it except me.


Above is my 9 sectioned drawer! If you want to make the edges nicer you can use washi tape or any kind of coloured tape. For now, I’m just going to leave mine as is.


The last thing I had to do was adhere the last panel so it didn’t fall down or move. If you have some good glue that should do the trick, otherwise you can tape to the other panel or just Blu-Tack into place.

There you have it, your own drawer dividers! I’m going to make sure mine fit properly before filling them up, then I’ll show you guys a picture. If you make your own show us through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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