How To Geekify Your Home, The Grown Up Way


Having your own space and the money (sometimes a whole dollar to your name!) to decorate is possibly one of the best reasons being a grown-up is awesome. When you’re an adult with your own space, money and a big fan of something, you have plenty of design ideas to show your love to your favourite sports team, show or movie. A lot of the time, though, you’re living with someone else or just want to have a more grown up look.
Despite there are loads upon loads of examples for kid’s rooms, it isn’t impossible to put together a grown-up area.

To help you along, I’ve come up with some handy hints to help you get started!


Keep It Minimal

The difference between a busy, outdated or even childlike decor can be as simple as how ‘busy’ it looks. Go for pictures and posters with more minimalistic designs, which is easy to find right now through places like Society6 (like the above picture of Dale Cooper), Redbubble and Etsy. Not only does minimalist artwork look awesome, but it still shows off what you love in cool designs.


Blend It In

Another important factor when making your geek side shine is making sure it blends with your existing decor and colour scheme. Whether hiding it in plain sight, like the Star Trek cushion above in a traditional blue toile design-



or show off your favourite movie stills on a nice gallery wall with clean white frames to blend it in with white shades surrounding it, having your decor blend in with your home makes it more timeless.



Or Make It A Statement Piece

Perhaps you have something you don’t want to blend in but actually want to draw attention to, like -oh, I don’t know- maybe a Rubik’s Cube bedside table. The key with big, busy pieces is to show that off and have other decor, art and bedding simpler as to not overwhelm and make the area look too childlike.


Hydrangea Girl - I love you to the Death Star and back 04


Probably one of the easiest and coolest things you can do to either blend your decor into your home or to make it stand out is to customise it! Spray painting Funko Pops or figurines is the cheapest and easiest way I’ve found (we actually have ‘gold’ dinosaurs as book and dvd ends!).

You can even make your own Death Star from an old globe!



Display it Like Rare Art

If you’re a collector of Funkos or figurines though, you don’t want to change them in any way. There’s no way I’ll let anyone paint my Lucille or some of my favourite Funkos, so there’s where you have to think creatively about how you display or store them. That P word I love so much has heaps of design ideas from putting up floating shelves and using clear acrylic shelving, to more rental-friendly ideas like using beautiful display cabinets. If you have kids, it helps to have high shelves or display doors so their evil fingers don’t destroy anything.


<p><a href=”″>Mario Fish Tank</a> from <a href=”″>Cedrick Bearss</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>
Have Fun!

After all these hints, you might just say “Fuck her!” and decide to go on your own journey to find out what’s right for you. You’re an adult, after all! You can wallpaper ever wall, bling out your lighting, make your outdoor area into a little kingdom or go nuts with your bathroom and kitchen! Good job, fellow adult, you deserve it.



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